Saturday, January 22, 2011

Advantages of education

Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school”, university education is something that remains embedded within us till our last breath. Not only does it make us earn a living, but it also helps us live a better life. University is entirely different from school, the major difference being that we enroll ourselves in a particular university because we ‘want to’ and not because we ‘have to’. Likewise, attending university is completely our choice, unlike school which is mandatory. This counts for the various benefits that we get from receiving the university education. However, not all are capable of attending university simply because of financial and other problems. Nonetheless, this too does not pose as a major problem and turns in favor of university as one can take up higher studies any time of the life, as and when desired. There are no age barriers or restrictions for getting enrolled in a university.Apart from selecting your choice of career, a university provides enhancement of career advancements as well. A higher qualification degree is essential to get a good job. Also, it helps in fighting unemployment in bad times. As such, employers support their employees in pursuing higher education to acquire the necessary skills and qualities to improve work efficiency. This support can be given in the form of flexible work timings or financing course costs. Studies indicate that higher qualification not only reflects career progress in the form of climbing the ladder, but also makes back accounts heavier and fatter.  
With a better qualification degree in hand, one increases one's chances of getting better earning opportunities in the form of a broader range of work jobs. Hence, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that a university degree earns one a rewarding career. These days, most organizations and employers target university schools in their recruitment campaigns. Thus, a graduate who has attended a university is definitely better off as opposed to a student who did not go to a university. Furthermore, a higher qualification indicates the level of skills and qualities embedded into a university student.

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